12:19AM 17/07/18

Dear TOP 20 teams

(According to this:
Please send us your write-ups for challenges you've solved (at least a half) by the address been used to register your team at here to the following email :

prior to 23rd July 00:00:00 UTC.
If you would like to attend the finals at here (Ho Chi Minh City) so we can pick top 10 teams who are willing to go here.

Notice: We will partially support only top 05 teams for travel expenses and accommodation.

Hopefully you enjoyed our CTF


08:53PM 15/07/18

Few players said that 200 points are too much (and kinda serious) for Worldcup challenges, so we've decided to reduce it to 100 points :) .
We made them for fun though. Hopefully you still enjoy the platform and challenges. Peace

07:01PM 15/07/18

No more challenge will be released. Have fun and enjoy the worldcup! Peace

06:42PM 15/07/18

New challenge: Worldcup: WINNER

04:44PM 15/07/18

New challenge Feedback
If you're still working on challenges, you can complete this after the game ends; It's okay.

04:20PM 15/07/18

meepwn contract challenge has a new source code, check it out. We so sorry for this inconvenience.

10:15AM 15/07/18

0xBAD MINTON is released
This challenge is mixed: Web + Pwn.

12:50AM 15/07/18

We will calculate the bonus point (Worldcup task) by tomorrow. Be patient

10:10PM 14/07/18

We've released bunch of new challenges. Please check it out! GL

09:13PM 14/07/18

New challenges: esor && bitbitbit && ezchallz

09:04PM 14/07/18

Worldcup: Third place match
We've changed the rules, please take a look and vote again. Thanks, have fun.

06:41PM 14/07/18

New challenge: Still old school && Mapl Story

06:29PM 14/07/18

New challenge

06:27PM 14/07/18

Worldcup: Third place match
We've changed the rules, please take a look and vote again. Thanks, have fun.

04:57PM 14/07/18

Notice: The flag may contain non alphabetic characters (but still printable)

03:56PM 14/07/18

New challenge: house_of_card && Silly Note && PyCalx

02:32PM 14/07/18

We had updated a new mirror for bazik task. Please check if you can not access to the old server. Thanks.

09:42AM 14/07/18

2 challenges one_shot and IMAGE_CRACKME are now opened

03:39AM 14/07/18

White Snow, Black Shadow and Grandline are now opened!

03:05AM 14/07/18

Task Coin: If you have unrar issues, let's try the new link.

03:00AM 14/07/18

Bazik is back. Let's hack.
old_school had been updated. Please check. Thank you.

02:54AM 14/07/18

We have closed Bazik for fixing. It will be opened soon. Sorry.

02:43AM 14/07/18

We have a small fix on bazik task. Pls check again. Thanks.

03:49PM 07/07/18

Join the IRC at #meepwnctf2018